Ygros Valves innovation is the result of a long-standing research of perfection.
It all began in 2004, when our engineering team had to find a solution to a particular plant application and came up with a unique solution: a spring-less check valve.
This led to the development of a patent covering a technology able to offer an essential, maintenance-free one-way valve, thanks to the total absence of traditional intermediate components.
The company developed under the name of Carollo srl, an engineering company with over 40 years of experience in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. After the success of the first prototypes, the project was constantly developed into the existing EDF, 3-A, Wafer, Pharmaball and Aggroball, YEV and YSV versions. Through this revolutionary concept, the company Carollo srl brings the future to the world of plant engineering, guaranteeing new and ultimately unbeatable standards of hygiene, durability and efficiency.
With this precise mission the company founded the YGROS VALVES division in 2010. It quickly made its mark on the market, standing out from all the rest thanks to its innovative, patented magnetic technology; steadily rising sales and international awards confirm this. Driven by these successes and keen to evolve, our engineers always push research one step further, constantly coming up with new solutions and applications.
That is why you will keep hearing about us.