27 maggio


We have big news here in Ygros!

From today you can ask for quotations and order a brand new valve! Its name is YSV Valve, the new Extractable Magnetic Check Valve.

The new valve has the same magnetic principle as the other, granting many advantages, but there is an important innovation! The YSV Valve is Extractable!

This means that you can remove it without disassembling the industrial plant, granting easier routine checks.



Energy Saving: The innovative working principle and design allow for a smooth flow,

minimizing pressure drop

Extractable Valve without intervening on the plant

Any installation position possible: unlike other check valves, an Ygros Valve can be installed

in horizontal and vertical up and down positions

Laminar flow: no turbulences

Maintenance free


This project was born because we received many requests about extractable valves, but at the same time we wanted to offer the same high hygienic standards of other Ygros Valves, and it was here that the idea of YSV came to our minds.


For the 3-A model: it’s not available at the moment but it will be very soon (it’s now under approval)…